OrcaSlicer V1.9.0 Alpha Release

This is OrcaSlicer V1.9.0-alpha Release.

What’s Changed

  • New smooth spiral vase mode by @andrewboktor in #3091
    It’s no secret that OrcaSlicer, as well as other Slic3r forks, has struggled with spiral vase mode, especially with models featuring sloped surfaces and large line widths. This new PR, introduced by @andrewboktor, presents an improved smooth spiral vase mode inspired by Ultimaker Cura. It effectively eliminates visible seams in spiral vases.
  • Port PrusaSlicer’s Measure & Cut gizmos by @Noisyfox in #2603
    Originally developed by the PrusaSlicer team and beloved by many users, the Measure & Cut gizmos have now been ported to OrcaSlicer, thanks to @Noisyfox.
  • Port Emboss & SVG gizmo from PrusaSlicer by @Noisyfox in #2819
  • Add option to “Reverse only internal perimeters” under the reverse on odd feature to reduce part warping by @igiannakas in #2722
    This “Reverse only internal perimeters” option is an extension to reverse on odd reversal is not executed on external perimeters.
    The primary use case for this PR is to greatly reduce part stresses as they are now distributed in alternating directions, which should reduce warping, while maintaining external wall quality. This can be very useful for warp prone material, like ABS/ASA and also for elastic filaments like TPU and Silk PLA.
  • Show used filament length and weight per line type by @Noisyfox in #3246
  • Add “Cancel Objects” support for Prusa/Marlin/RRF firmware by @SoftFever in #3164
  • Alternate extra wall by @igiannakas in #3196
    This setting adds an extra wall every other layer. This way the infill gets caught between the walls, resulting in:
  • Theoretically, stronger prints due to better infill anchoring.
  • Allows for the infill/wall overlap to be set to low values without compromising object strength while maintaining external surface quality.
  • It may contribute to improving water tightness of models as the gaps between the top and bottom layers and the walls are overlapping.

Printer profiles:

  • the layer height should be 0.24 not 0.2 by @pellcorp in #2779
  • Adding new nozzle profiles for the Creality Ender-5 Pro (2019) by @pwschattenberg in #2817
  • Update Snapmaker profiles – includes disruptive changes by @macdylan in #2939
  • Initial add of Neptune 4 Plus profile by @Kalooth in htt…

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