OrcaSlicer V1.7.0 Beta Release

Es gibt wieder eine neue Version vom OrcaSlicer, welcher mittlerweile in Version 1.7.0 im Beta Status zum Download bereit steht. Was direkt auffällt, dass die Entwickler sich immer an mehr Funktionen vom PrusaSlicer bedienen was nicht verkehrt ist. Der PrusaSlicer ist und bleibt ein klasse Slicer, aber aufgrund der BambuLab´s wechseln viele zum OrcaSlicer, mich inbegriffen. Mittlerweile nutze ich diesen Slicer nur noch und bin sehr zufrieden damit.

Aber wie man mich kennt, folgt hier wieder der Changelog zur neuen Version.

  • Single Extruder Multi-Material (SEMM) Support: Purge Tower/Ramming/etc (Compatible with ERCF/TradRack/MMU)
    OrcaSlicer originated as a fork from BambuStudio, which, despite being based on PrusaSlicer, had removed the multi-material capabilities for non-Bambu printers. This led to OrcaSlicer initially inheriting this limited support. However, in this release, we have reintroduced the SEMM feature from PrusaSlicer. Users can now print in multiple colors on any printer, whether it’s equipped with Prusa MMU, ERCF (from the EnragedRabbitProject), Annex TradRack, or a simple N-in-1-out extruder. Discord discussion channel
  • Port Organic tree support from PrusaSlicer by @Noisyfox
  • Support PrusaLink and Prusaconnect webview
  • Overhang improvement: respect max volumic speed limitation when appling overhang slowdown
  • Port overhang extra perimeters from PrusaSlicer by @Noisyfox
  • Support Marlin 2 gcode flavor
  • Add option to enforce first layer min wall width by @xcqq
  • Merged BambuStudio 1.7.4 changes to have better support for BambuLab printers
  • Check WebView2 runtime on application startup and prompt install if not availble by @ZdDroid
  • Add option in the CTRL-M dialog to invert axes for space mouse by by @RealDeuce
  • Temp tower calibration now support as low as 170 degree for some special filaments.

QoL improvements:

  • QoL: show transparent shell in gcode preview and truncate long gcode line caused by native Klipper commands
    The model shell is displayed in transparent color when inspecting the toolpath in gcode preview window
  • QoL: make slider thinner
  • QoL: Make export gcode button default if current pinter doesn’t have network setup

Bug fixes:

  • Fix “unknown vector variable type” error when using bambu filament ch… by @Noisyfox
  • Fix double quotes escape (#1397 #1435 #1946 #1990) by @Noisyfox
  • Fix calibrtion crash (#2019) by @Noisyfox
  • Fix issue that cmake install is skipped during windows build by @Noisyfox
  • Fix GCode viewer first layer height in vase mode by @Noisyfox
  • Fix raft size when non-organic tree support is enabled by @Noisyfox
  • Changes for Ubuntu 23.04. General housekeeping. by @tjmitchem

Printer profiles updates:

  • Added support for Prusa MK4 IS, also add supports to Prusa specific start gcodes
  • Added support for Sovol SV07 and SV07 Plus by @TomasOlsson
  • Added support for Creality K1-K1 Max Printer Profiles by @sadriercan
  • Added support for Elegoo Neptune 4/Pro printer profiles by @sadriercan
  • QIDI Profiles tweaks by @Hukete
  • Update latest BBL profiles from Bambulab OTA(v01.07.00.18)



Due to complexities in the git history after integrating PrusaSlicer 2.4, GitHub struggles to extract PRs from the last release accurately. I had to compile the contribution list manually, so if I’ve missed any of your contributions, please inform me. I’ll update the list as needed.
VirusTotal scan result for Windows installer: 186fed7bca658d96b8091d37cf6d043a1e8251f8daf746289309330a01d07776

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