P1 series OTA version01.04.01.00(20230927)

Dear P1 users,

To enhance the overall 3D printing experience for all users, we have made improvements to firmware version ota These enhancements focus on improving the interaction between the device and the Bambu Handy APP, optimizing the printing process, resolving certain errors encountered during printing, and implementing additional functional protections. These measures are implemented to protect your printer while enhancing stability during printing and daily use.


  1. [System] Added protection during the load/unload functions to avoid issues when users click load/unload repeatedly.
  2. [System] Added handling of name exceptions when downloading models in MakerWorld. This fixes anomalies caused by model names that are too long or have special characters.
  3. [System] Added protection for timeout when initiating print tasks to avoid abnormal responses caused by receiving timed-out tasks.
  4. [System] Reduced the delay in the Bambu Handy APP displaying device status
  5. [System] Added protection against calibration during the printing process to avoid device abnormalities caused by simultaneous commands being issued.
  6. [System] Added protection to prohibit downloading of language packages during printing, and added UI prompts.

Bugs fixed

  1. [System] Fixed the issue where transparent filament auto-refill could result in failure matching filament.
  2. [System] Fixed the inconsistency between the fan speed information upload and the set value.
  3. [System] Fixed the issue where the device status displayed on the Bambu Handy app may not match the actual device status at the end of printing.
  4. [System] Fixed the issue where continuing to print when using AMS after power loss may cause the AMS to be disabled incorrectly.
  5. [System] Fixed the issue where Bambu Handy APP still displays the “IDLE” status after canceling printing during the printing process.
  6. [System] Fixed the issue where HMS messages may pop up and disappear in Bambu Studio/Handy when printing is initiated.
  7. [System] Fixed the issue with incorrect grammar translations in the device’s multilingual interface.

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