OrcaSlicer V1.9.0 Official Release

This is the official release of OrcaSlicer V1.9.0.
In this release, we have fixed numerous bugs and added several new features.
V1.9.0 introduces many new features and improvements compared to V1.8.1.

Please check the ALPHA and BETA release notes for the complete list of new features.


  • Due to major changes in the embossment feature, OrcaSlicer V1.9.0 is unable to edit text embossments in projects created with V1.8.1 or older versions, or with BambuStudio.
    The model with embossment can still be properly loaded and sliced, but the text will no longer be editable. If you need to edit text, please use OrcaSlicer V1.8.1

New features since the V1.9.0 beta release:

  • Orca now supports multiple bed types for all printer by @SoftFever
    You can enable it in printer settings.

    You can also use the curr_bed_type variable in custom G-code.
    For example, the following sample G-codes can detect the selected bed type and adjust the G-code offset accordingly for Klipper:
{if curr_bed_type=="Textured PEI Plate"}
  • Improved rendering quality when model color is pure black by @SoftFever

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes caused by pressure equalization when support is enabled by @SoftFever
  • Fixed crashes when clicking the color paint gizmo when object part is selected by @Noisyfox
  • Fixed an issue negative part (#3423) by @Noisyfox
  • Fixed a crash bug when switching to Bambu device page when the connection is ready by @SoftFever
  • Fixed intermittent crashes caused by detect_overhang_wall by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an issue that Marlin style object exclusion info was written in gcodes for BBL printers by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an regression that object exclusion image was not working for BBL printers by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an issue that “Per-glyph” option not working when UI is in Chinese by @Noisyfox
  • Fxied a regression that wall order can’t be set in height modifier by @SoftFever
  • Fixed a crash bug when send gcode to SD card for BBL printers by @SoftFever
  • Improved stability of text embossment feature for complex models on Mac by @SoftFever

Printer profiles:

  • Updated Neptune 4 serials profiles based on feedbacks by @SoftFever
  • Fixed an issue that some profiles has ironings enabled by default by @SoftFever
  • Profile: Fixes and simplification of some Creality profiles. by @bistory
  • Profile: Anker M5/C first layer consistency improvements by @just-trey
  • Creality K1/K1 Max, Ender 3 V3 Series and Ender 5 S1 baseplates by @bistory
  • Update 0.48mm Standard @bbl X1C 0.8 nozzle.json by @SufficentMuffin
  • QIDI: Add two new filaments by @Hukete
  • Added PAUSE command for change_filament_gcode on Elegoo Neptune 4 series by @bistory
  • Creality Ender 3 V3/KE important fixes and some fine-tunings by @bistory

Translation updates:

  • Update README.md to provide alternative download links of webview2 runtimes by @silence48
  • Feature/add more hints and fix/update locale by @SoftFever
  • Update Turkish translation by @olcayoren
  • kor translation update by @crwusiz
  • Updated README.md by @eltociear
  • Changed Slic3r mentions by @bistory
  • Updated German translation for 1.9 by @hliebscher
  • Updated Italian translation by @FabioForcina
  • Updated French translations. by @bistory
  • Updated Ukrainian translation by @kvantum

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