OrcaSlicer V1.6.4 Beta 3 erschienen

Bereits vor 15 Stunden wurde eine neue Beta Version vom OrcaSlicer veröffentlicht, welcher mittlerweile in Version 1.6.4 vorliegt. Dieses ist die letzte Beta Version, so dass in den nächsten Tagen mit einer weiteren neuen Version gerechnet werden kann. Wie man im Changelog gut sehen kann, wurden einige Funktionen vom BambuStudio übernommen, was ich recht positiv finde.

Zudem wurde auch angekündigt, dass der OrcaSlicer nun einen eigenen Discord Server hat, so dass neue Funktionen oder Bugs schneller gemeldet werden können.

This is the last beta release of V1.6.4

 OrcaSlicer now has an official Discord server OrcaSlicer Discord

What’s Changed

  • Mac User Notification: OrcaSlicer is now fully notarized. Say goodbye to command-line hacks! Drag and drop to Applciations folder and you are ready to go. A special thanks to @RaySajuuk for helping troubleshoot the notarization issue.
  • Ported “mouse ear brims” feature from SuperSlicer by @Noisyfox.
    Big shoutout to @Noisyfox to bring many awesome features to OrcaSlicer!
  • Introduced a new “One Wall Threshold” parameter that allows more control over the One wall on top surfaces behavior
  • OrcaSlicer now supports adjusting the internal bridge speed independently, enabling users to achieve fast prints while maintaining quality. This feature was inspired by SuperSlicer, and its implementation was referenced.
  • Fixed a bug that overhang slowdown won’t work when support’s top z distance is set to 0 #1763
  • Added support for chamber temperature settings per filament type #1160
  • Increased the line width limit to five times the nozzle diameter. #1745
  • Optimize new overhang slowdown(fan command and bridge) and re-enable it, this overhang slowdow was orignally ported from PrusaSlicer2.6 #1642
  • Fixed an issue where OrcaSlicer couldn’t establish a TLS connection with the printer on Mac. Special thanks to @samwiseg0 and @ammmze for finding, troubleshooting, and resolving this issue together! True open-source community spirit! #1675
  • Pick and merged features/bug fixes from BambuStudio 1.7x:
    • Support Object exclusion for BambuLab X1/X1C- ported from BambuStudio
    • Add Fill bed with copies – ported from BambuStudio and PrusaSlicer
    • Support internal_solid_infill_pattern – ported from BambuStudio
    • New Boolean operation feature – ported from BambuStudio
    • Some other fixes(including full screen bug) from BambuStudio 1.7x

Printer profiles updates:

  • Added Anycubic Kobra 2 by @leecolarelli
  • AnkerMake Profile revise and additions by @just-trey
  • Many tweaks to all profiles




1. Please check here for installation instructions.
2. If your profiles didn’t show up after updating, please restart OrcaSlicer
3. Klipper users, please update Moonraker to the latest version so that it can recognize OrcaSlicer and parse metadata like thumbnails.
4. If you’re running Klipper, it’s strongly recommended to add the following configuration to your printer.cfg file.

# Enable object exclusion

# Enable arcs support


resolution: 0.1

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