BambuStudio 1.8.2 Public Official released

This is the public official release of Bambu Studio v1.8

Please see the release logs of 1.8 Public Beta1.8 Public Beta 2 and1.8 Public Beta 3 for the complete list of changes with respect to 1.7.7.


1.Support Bambu A1


2.No popup while sending to print if the P1P installed P1P to P1S upgrade kit

In this version, if the P1P to P1S upgrade kit is installed, when sending for printing, if the machine preset is P1P, a compatibility reminder will pop up. Otherwise, if it is P1S, the compatibility reminder will no longer pop up. The functionality will be available after the firmware update to version (the public beta version, will come out soon)


  1. Add “Auto Bed Type” function
    Studio will remember build plate selected last time for certain printer model. As shown in gif, this feature is enabled by default.For example, the default bed type for the x1 machine is cool plate, but when you manually change the bed type and switch back from another macine, the x1 machine will choose the bed type you preferred last time.
  1. Use canonical mine-type for 3mf files, thanks @hadess
  2. Add Support for Creality 3D Printer Models K1 and K1 Max. Thank @iZonex
  3. if the non-maifold edges be created by cut tool, pop up a windows to ask if need to fix it.


  1. fix the crash while reset the center of plate

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