BambuLab P1P/P1S Firmware Update

BambuLab hat mit dem heutigen Datum ein neues Update bereit gestellt, welches via OTA verfügbar ist. Dieses läuft bei mir schon seid letzter Woche, so dass ich keine Fehler feststellen konnte. Ergo konnte ich als Beta Tester auch keine Rückmeldungen geben.

Im folgendes lautet der Changelog wie folgt, wobei hier in meinen Augen das wichtigste Problem gelöst wurde, indem das Headbed zu weit runter geht.

P1 series OTA version01.04.00.00(20230807)


  • Multiple language support.
  • Added protection for the heatbed when homing close to the bottom.
  • Canceled the secondary menu for the light switch control.
  • Optimized printing pause/AMS resume function.
  • Other improvements and bugs fixed
  • Remaining Issues

Dear P1 users,

Further development to the P1 series firmware is constantanly in progress to add new features and fix small bugs to ensure everyone’s experience is better with each new update.

In this version, we have added support for multiple languages and also brought improvements to firmware stability. We have added a fix for preventing the heatbed from generating noise when it’s close to the bottom and you home the printer or start a new print and also fixed some other minor bugs.

Multiple language support

Added support for multiple languages for the homepage, control page, settings page, file page, etc.

On the settings page, there is a “Language” option that allows users to select the system language. Currently, we support nine different languages.

If the language option is not available upon returning to the system page, you will be prompted to download the language pack. Please click “Download” to initiate the language pack download. Make sure to have the MicroSD card inserted into the device during this process.

If the language can not be accessed, please ensure that you are connected to the internet and logged into your account.

Added protection for the heatbed when homing close to the bottom.

Added G38/G380 P2 cmd , which is used to detect overload events of the Z-axis motor. Together with the latest Studio, if the heatbed is near the bottom of the printer when starting a new print, it will no longer grind at the bottom of the printer and make a terrible noise.

Improvements & Bugs fixed


  1. Improved printing stability.
  2. Optimized printing pause/AMS resume function. Now you can directly click the “Continue” button on the printing page to resume the AMS stalled state.
  3. Canceled the secondary menu for the light switch control. Now, selecting the menu item will turn the light on or off.
  4. Updated privacy policy.

【Bugs fixed】

  1. Fixed the problem of being unable to print in multiple colors from the MicroSD card.
  2. Fixed the problem with missing steps caused by not selecting automatic bed leveling during calibration.
  3. Fixed the problem where the file list does not automatically refresh when sending the sliced file to the printer.
  4. Fixed the printer restart problem caused by continuous reconnection of MQTT using third-party tools.

【Known Issues】

  1. It is possible that the printer printing built-in models will happen step loss.

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