Bambu Studio Version erschienen

Vor knapp 4 Stunden wurde eine neue Version vom BambuStudio veröffentlicht, welche aktuell in zum Download zur Verfügung steht. Diese hat einige gute Verbesserungen erhalten, so dass sich ein Blick definitiv lohnt. Wie immer der Changelog zum nachlesen und auch hier ein Danke an Martin für den Hinweis und deren wichtigsten Verbesserungen.

  • Reihenfolge der Druckteile im First Layer festlegbar
  • Auslassen von Objekten (war nur am Drucker oder App möglich)
  • Elis Pattern für Pressure Advance im Calibration Menu

1. Support skipping objects in multi-filament(multi-color) printing
Currently, the function is not in its optimal state. Changing the filament and flushing cannot be skipped, even if the filament becomes useless after skipping objects. If we skip filament changes and flushing when the filament is deemed useless, the filament ordering would change as well. This could lead to disorganized flush volume and cause color mixing in the models. Despite these challenges, users can still benefit significantly by only excluding failed objects in multi-filament printing. We will continue to improve and plan to support skipping flushing and changing filaments in the future.

2. Users can define the filament printing order of the first layer
This feature has been requested by many users on GitHub. Find more details here. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! The GIF below demonstrates the operation of changing the filament order of the first layer.
The model used in this demonstration is from Clem 3DVO. Thanks!

3. Users can define the part clipping order of one model in object list. #1896
This is function from PrusaSlicer and we just bring it back. Thanks PrusaSlicer!


In addition, a brim ear can be generated by applying the clipping order while using support filament. Users can merge small disc parts to the model, and use support filament to print it as a brim. The GIF below shows that process. The model used in this demonstration is from Estudio Aditivo. Thanks!

It’s an experimental function, and the elephant foot compensation needs to be set to 0 mm if you add a brim ear for an additional part of a model. We will continue to follow users’ suggestions!

4. Add Ellis’ pattern method for pressure advance calibration for 3-rd party printer which is picked from OrcaSlicer. #2222
Thanks @thewildmage for the original code contribution!


  1. The length limit for plate name string has been relaxed from 40 to 250 characters, #2119
  2. Pick printer profiles for Anycubic Kobra 2 from OrcaSlicer. Thanks @leecolarelli
  3. Disable iron for some 3-rd party printer. Thanks @SoftFever
  4. Updating Anker profiles. Thanks @just-trey

Bug fix

  1. Fix the interface mess of tree support on MacOS ,#2115
  2. Fix login dialog failure in some language.#2240#2238#2237#2189#1995#1828
  3. Fix the Mesh Boolean incorrect after scaling , #2263
  4. Fix crash within SD card model. #2206
  5. Fix the issue that developer mode is closed and a lot of settings are hidden after reopen BambuStudio, #2259
  6. Pick bugfix for zero-width tree supports from OrcaSlicer. Thanks @scottmudge!
  7. Fix the issue of mess travel when disable wipe while retracting, #2256
  8. Fix the issue that Flow Rate Calibration in auto mode always return 0,00 in languages, #2141
  9. Fix the issue that flow rate calibration pattern is too crowded with 0.8mm nozzle, #2296
  10. some text&& translation fix, by @twangodev

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